Tea, revisited

I have a new favorite tea.  It’s actually an old favorite that I’ve reacquainted myself with, goji green tea.  Delicious.

Goji Green TeaSeriously, this stuff is delicious.


How I Take Mine

(tea that is)




I like a good black tea with a little milk and some sugar.  But really the best part about tea is what you’re doing while you drink it.  The best tea is always enjoyed with good company.  Usually I rely on my fiancé as my tea drinking companion.  But when he is away, my daughter can fill that role.  Of course, conversations with her are limited to goos, gahs, her new favorite “na na na na na,” and mom’s monologues with the reoccurring theme “why are you crying?”  Books make a good companion, but I frequently find myself with several read chapters and half a cup of cold tea.  A good movie or documentary can also be improved with a nice cup of tea, but rarely is a comedy or action flick conducive to such a drink.  While you need to be cautious when adding a movie as your tea companion, word games are perfect.  A crossword puzzle or a game of scrabble (both are better with my fiancé (but that might just be because he’s smart)) can make any tea much more delightful.

And later in the day I drink Good Earth tea.  Why? Because it is delicious.  Unless it’s summer, then I drink iced tea or arnold palmers and I don’t think I need to explain why.