25% Done

I finished my first semester of nursing school.

One down.  Three to go.

Not too bad, if you ask me.  I’m sure I could think of more to say, but even though it’s Sunday and my last final was Friday morning my brain is still tired.  So instead I shall drink a diet coke (tequila, wine, and vodka are all contraindicated with percocet, but that’s another story for another post), read Harry Potter, and celebrate the beginning of my two week summer break.


Big News, Good News

After deciding it was way past time to read the Harry Potter series I began looking for the books.  But I refused to buy them new, too expensive, and I was on a thrift store kick.  It only took a couple weeks for me to get six of the books.  But book number five, that elusive book number five, never cropped up.  Until today.

I have completed collecting the Harry Potter series!  Now excuse me, I have a few, ahem, seven, books to read.

Harry Potter book 7, order of the phoenix, jk rowling, books

Oh book 5, you thought you could escape, but now you are mine.

Thrifty Thrifty Stores

So I’ve been hitting up the local thrift stores the past couple weeks.  And I’m pretty proud that I’ve kept my purchases to a minimum.

I did find a couple sleep sacks, a cute onesie, and a play phone for Daughter.  Although I’m a little on the fence about her having a play phone, I would much rather her have her own phone to chew on than always finding my phone (which has a broken zero button due to her chewing, and you don’t realize how important that zero button is until you can’t use it anymore).

I also found a cheese slicer.  Which you might not think is particularly cool because you can go to the store and get one at anytime.  But, one of the things I really dislike about new kitchen utensils is how big their handles are.  I don’t want to only be able to fit four utensils in a drawer.  And I don’t use the cheese slicer enough to warrant an ergonomic handle.  So I was very pleased to find an old school cheese slicer.

And the things I am most excited about are books.  You’re probably shocked to hear that I bought books.  I’ve only bought three.  I know, I know this is where I’ve really reined myself in.  But I bought a Harry Potter book (shhh…I haven’t read the whole series yet).  And two of the Earthsea books, which I also haven’t read yet.  I’m super excited about these books and hope that I can get the rest of the series soon (I might have to splurge and buy some of the books new).