No Flying in the House – Betty Brock




What better way to entertain young kids than a story with a tiny talking dog, a girl who doesn’t know she’s a fairy, and a family reunion?  This is a very sweet and imaginative tale about a young girl who learns she has powers.  But will keeping these powers be temptation enough to keep her from wanting a mom and dad?

Annabel has a tiny, talking, trick-performing dog named Gloria instead of parents.  She loves Gloria but what she wants more than anything else are parents.  One day she learns she is a fairy (and she can fly!) soon she has to make a choice.

This is a delightful tale about love, honesty, forgiveness, sacrifice, and family.  It’s a perfect book for snuggling two to a chair and reading aloud, preferably with homemade cookies and a warm drink.  I would definitely recommend this book to readers young and old alike.

No Flying in the House, fairies, Betty Brock, family


Flash Fiction (18) – Watch Dog

friday fictioneers, dog, watch dog, pet dog

Prompt from Madison Woods.  Go check out her site to how others responded to this prompt.

Watch Dog

The nightmares come at night.  She wakes sweating and shaky.  Silently, she rises from her bed.

Outside and across the yard she goes.  When she arrives, she throws her arms around the dog and drops to the ground.  Cuddling closer, she can smell the outdoors in the shaggy fur but she doesn’t mind.  She snuggles deeper and drifts asleep into dreams that are safe, into dreams where she is protected.

The dog, used to watching over the little girl, keeps one eye open, and settles in for a long night.

The Old Toothless Hound – an update

Well, my old dog had the rest of his teeth pulled yesterday (you can read a little blurb about that here).

And yesterday evening was a little rough.  He kept dripping blood, apparently the vets wanted the holes in mouth to drain so not everything was closed up.  He had the saddest eyes that just stared into space.  And once everybody went to bed I could hear him moaning.

Today, however, he is doing much better.  He loves that he is getting soft dog food and hopefully follows me every time I go to the kitchen. His eyes have their sparkle again.  And he is back to moving from one side of the room to the other trying to avoid my daughter who loves chasing him from one side to the other (don’t worry, she just learned how to crawl so it takes her awhile to get to him).

A big thank you to everyone who wrote nice words to me and my hound!

Puppy Chow (No More)




My poor old dog.  I took him to the vet to get a couple teeth pulled, turns out he needed ALL of them pulled.  Now he really is a toothless old dog.

Please don’t think I’m a horrible dog owner.  I got my old dog from the vet five years ago.  And before they let me take him home he had to get some teeth pulled.  You see, apparently at some point during his life he was badly abused and so he started chewing rocks.  This really damaged his teeth.  So the shelter pulled a few.  Then I had the vet pull ten (TEN!) a couple years ago.  And now the vet had to pull the rest of them out.

Poor old guy.  I can’t wait to go get him from the vet.  And don’t worry he’ll still get chow, it’ll just involve more slurping and less chomping.