Dinosaur vs. Bedtime – a new favorite?




My fiance was out of town for the weekend and that, of course, made me sad and tired (hey, it’s hard looking after the kiddo on my own).  But he did stop by a book store and brought back Dinosaur vs. Bedtime by Bob Shea, so there was a bright side to his being gone.

I have to admit, I love this book!  Daughter loves having it read to her, every time her mom or dad starts roaring she whips her around to look at us, then once we stop she quickly returns her attention to the simple but sweet illustrations.

This book might not have great, unique rhymes or a fantastic message, but it has plenty of charm and is lots of fun to read and it’s a sturdy board book.  I have been warned that I’ll need to retire the book once Daughter starts roaring, but until then (or when my voice goes out from too much roaring, whichever comes first 🙂 ) this book is going into frequent rotation at our house.

Dinosaur vs Bedtime

And, there’s a sequel! Dinosaur vs. The Potty.  Don’t worry, I’ll review it as soon as we get it (I’m sure it won’t be a long wait).


Pride & Prejudice; a review




Don’t be alarmed.  I haven’t branched out to review a classic.  But I did just get the Little Miss Austen board book.  And it is as quaint and whimsical as I had hoped.  Did the kiddo love it?  I’m not sure.  But she certainly seemed to enjoy turning the pages and chewing on the binding (note to self: now that she has teeth must not let her chew on books).

This book is a charming little counting book.  And because I love the original story so much I’m sure I will be pulling this book out to work with numbers.

Pride & Prejudice, baby litPride & Prejudice, baby lit

I Like Myself, a review



Stinky, but only sometimes

That’s how I would describe my daughter.  Mind you, I’ve edited out: amazing, gorgeous, awesome, best-baby-ever, baby-I-love-the-most, etc. But trust me, incredible she is.

Her father and I have each have a favorite book to read.  My favorite happens to be, I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont. It is an incredible book! We have it as a board book so my daughter can turn the pages (or not, sometimes turning pages is overrated,) chew on it, and love it the way any 8-month-old loves a book.

The first thing I love about this book is that the board book is big! All the other board books we have are small, but not this guy. It’s big.  And that means the writing is big, and even better (at least for an 8-month-old) the pictures are big.  And let’s talk a moment about the pictures.  They are so whimsical and bright, when my daughter doesn’t want to turn the page I enjoy looking at the illustrations, thank you David Catrow!

And now the content.  Who wouldn’t want their baby girl (or boy for that matter) reading a book about self acceptance?  The key line is: I like myself because I’m me; and me is all I want to be.  So we have a beautifully illustrated, giant board book with a good message.  But part of the wonder of this book happens when you read it.  The rhymes allow the words to roll off your tongue so pleasantly that I will often reread the book multiple times in one day.  Why? Because it’s important to me to read to my daughter and this happens to be an enjoyable book for me to read.

I Like Myself

Who wouldn’t want a book that both the child and adult can enjoy?  I highly recommend all parents read this book to their children.