RoW80 – First Week Check In

Well I’m one week into the first RoW I’ve actually started from the beginning.

As far as plotting/outlining.  I’m doing awesome.  I’ve figured out the final showdown.  I’ve figured out the resolution.  Sure, some of the details are fuzzy.  But I have a pretty good idea about where I want to go and the route I want to take.  So I’m pretty excited about that.  As in, I’m super excited.  I can’t stop talking about it.  I’m actually starting to feel sorry for my husband…he keeps changing the subject but after about 2.3 seconds I bring it right back.

My word count goal was 1000 words 3 days a week.  I didn’t do that.  I did write 3000 words, just not in 3 days…so I give myself a gold star for achieving that goal.  I definitely achieved the heart of the goal this week.

I’m doing great at not rereading/editing my work so far.  That’s definitely been the easiest goal thus far.

No flash fiction this last week, but that was an every other week goal.  So I need to pump one out this upcoming week.  Hopefully I find this prompt somewhat more inspiring than the last.  Although, if I was being honest, working with an uninspiring prompt would probably be very good for me.

This upcoming week might be a bit of a challenge.  I work the first half of the week and then my husband leaves town for the second, so I’ll have to carve writing time between work, sleep (which I don’t get nearly enough of as is), and taking care of the kids.  Hopefully my momentum at figuring out the final bit of my book can keep me going through this week!  I believe Hemingway wrote this quote: Write drunk, edit sober.  I’ve adopted that mantra…only I made it fit my life: Write exhausted to the point of delirium, edit rested.  I still haven’t done any editing, so I might have to amend the last bit…it might be more of: Write exhausted to the point of delirium, edit hopped up on caffeine.

Any suggestions on how to write when your energy tank is most assuredly less than optimal?


9 thoughts on “RoW80 – First Week Check In

  1. Great job writing 3.000 words!! That’s awesome! And good going on working out your plot resolution! Where do you take your prompts from when you say you had an uninspiring one? 🙂

    • I try to keep up with flash fiction friday. But sometimes I just can’t anything that sparks. I should try harder though, it would be good for me.

  2. I like that philosophy ‘Write exhausted to the point of delirium, edit rested’ – my habits are a lot like yours too, especially the hopped up on caffeine! As for suggestions on how to write when your tank is empty…I usually crash and burn, have a day off and come back swinging! Hopefully others will have much better advice 😉 Excellent work towards your goals *huge cheer* – I hope you manage to juggle things and rest too this week.

    • Me too! It’s starting off on the right foot. I work nights and I just got put on call tonight. So I’m rested, don’t have to go to work, and will hopefully get to sleep before 9…not too shabby!

  3. Great work so far! I’m also like Mel, I usually give myself a day off to recover then come back with energy. Considering I don’t drink anything with caffeine, this can sometimes be easier said than done, but sometimes a rest in all the motivation I need! Good luck for this week!

    • I’m a huge fan of black or green tea also diet coke (I know, I know…so bad for me). I wish I could function without it. But I don’t know how to stay up all night for work without something to get me through…

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