Triumph – Friday Fictioneers



Word count: 100

I am old.  I am weak.

Leathery wings rush past me; claws tangle my hair and pull my skirts. The smell of death and rot bring me to my knees.  The demons came at night. Soon my family, friends, and neighbors were dead. But they left me, the old woman. So they could torment me more.

But I have a secret.  I know how to bind them.

And I have.

And come morning, the sun will burn them to oblivion.

I am old.  But I am not as weak as they think I am.  And soon I will be alone.

Friday Fictioneers:  a story in 100 words prompted by a picture that Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts every Wednesday. Photo Credit: ©Dawn Q. Landau


20 thoughts on “Triumph – Friday Fictioneers

    • Yep. If you’re a bad guy, never leave the good guy cause they always have something up their sleeves (or in this case over the horizon – the eastern one).

    • Thanks! I actually worried over that phrase because it felt too cliche to me. Or maybe I just read too many fantasy books (but my inner self argues that, “no such things as too many fantasy books”).

    • Bittersweet, that is exactly how I felt writing this piece. I was also eating bittersweet chocolate at the time. Maybe there’s a connection there, probably not, I eat a lot of bittersweet chocolate.

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