ROW80 – What, what?

I got on the wagon…and fell right off.  Dang it.

500 words a day, doesn’t sound like too much, but apparently I struggle with that goal.  More like 500 words 3-4 days a week.  But it’s better than nothing.  And better than what I was writing last month.

Also, no rereads yet.  Which is actually harder than it sounds.  But it helps me with progress, as soon as I start to reread stuff I have to fix it.  Because it’s no good, no really, my first draft is verifiable poo.  But a poo first draft is better than a polished 3 pages so I’m still shooting for a poo draft at the moment.

And, alas, no flash fiction this past week.  Here’s to the upcoming week and doing better!


3 thoughts on “ROW80 – What, what?

  1. It just might be that 500 words 3 times a week would be a better goal. Sometimes setting a goal you know you can attain frees you up to do more. Sometimes, you make the goal and stop. But you’d still have 1500 words each week, so you win either way.

    My first drafts are generally horrific. I recently described them as, “I write a story about writing the story.” But I don’t “fix” them as I go – I can’t. I need to get all the way through the draft, and then let it rest, and sit in the back of my head while I do other things.

    It’s only when I come back after time away that I start to be able to “find the real story” hidden in the chaos I wrote. It’s a long process, but it works, and it’s fun.

    I hope you find your point of balance soon, Until then, you’ve got some new words. I hope you can enjoy them! =)

    • Yeah, I was hoping to start a habit of writing daily…but that might not be realistic. Maybe a few more words a day but done on fewer days a week might be a better/more attainable goal for my life at the moment.

      • Sometimes baby steps are the best, because they’re easier to sustain. And, writing a few hundred words a day, a few days a week, is a habit that can be built upon, over time.

        I’ve made some pretty huge changes in my life, a baby step at a time. =)

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