Round of Words in 80 Days – Goals

So I’ve never done Round of Words in 80 Days but I’m working on a book idea write right now so having a little accountability will be good for me.  I’m joining this round a little late, but I’m pretty excited about trying this out.

For this round, my goals are to write 500 words a day in August, to not reread what I’ve written (at least until I’ve finished the rough draft of the story), and to post one flash fiction post a week.

All right. Well I’ve got some writing to do…thanks!


2 thoughts on “Round of Words in 80 Days – Goals

  1. Welcome to ROW80. I like those very specific goals — rather like a personal NaNoWriMo. Will you post some of your writing? I always read over what I’ve written the day before to jumpstart. Your post makes me wonder what I’d write if I didn’t look! Have a great week.

    • Right now I’m handwriting and only rereading about the last paragraph from my last session. So no posting. It’s kind of freeing though! Flow? Who knows! Do I stay in the same tense? Nope. Do I remember minor characters names? Haha…no (but apparently right now I have a penchant for names that start with J). But am I making more progress on actually developing my story than any other attempt I’ve made? Yep.

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