Just Getting Started – Round of Words in 80 Days

Well, this is my first check in after posting goals.  And honestly, I think I’m doing pretty well.  Although, to be fair, I made pretty easy goals.

  • 500 words a day – check – heck I blew past that goal yesterday by a couple hundred.
  • No rereading – check – that’s a pretty easy goal, as long as I stay focussed on writing and don’t start thinking about how badly I’m writing.  I can always edit once I’m done, but if I focus on rewriting now I’ll never write the end of the story.
  • 1 flash fiction a week – check – linked it up to Friday Fictioneers.  It might not be my best flash fiction, but it’s the first one I’ve written in almost a year, so not too shabby.

Good. Now I just have to keep it up.  This upcoming week is pretty busy, so it will be a test.


Round of Words in 80 Days – Goals

So I’ve never done Round of Words in 80 Days but I’m working on a book idea write right now so having a little accountability will be good for me.  I’m joining this round a little late, but I’m pretty excited about trying this out.

For this round, my goals are to write 500 words a day in August, to not reread what I’ve written (at least until I’ve finished the rough draft of the story), and to post one flash fiction post a week.

All right. Well I’ve got some writing to do…thanks!