Halloween Highlights



We just celebrated Halloween.  And unfortunately my husband had to be out of town for work.  So the next day, when he got home he asked SweetPea, “Did you have fun trick or treating?”  She responded with a blank look.  Then he asked, “Did you have fun taking the batmobile to the mall?”  Well that elicited a very enthusiastic and excited response.  She wasn’t even aware that trick or treating or candy had been involved during her mall-o-ween experience.  All she knew was that she finally got to take her batmobile out for spin that didn’t involve going around and around our coffee table.

And let me tell you, the batmobile was a hit.  I’m not kidding when I say that every boy in the mall gave SweetPea’s batmobile a second look.  In fact, one little boy (he looked to be about 3 years old) was helping hand out candy.  He saw the batmobile and just started throwing candy into it.  Eventually he just took the bowl he was holding and dumped all its contents into the batmobile.  SweetPea didn’t notice the candy coming in.  She did, however, notice this boy all up in her grill and making it hard for to speed race off (she was not impressed).  I, however, just kept thinking “candy jackpot!”  Good thing ole Grandpa was around to return some of the sugar laden load.

Earlier in the day Nona was over and she and SweetPea made a Halloween dessert…because yes, we needed more sugar 🙂 .They made a spooky and edible graveyard.  Which was awesome because SweetPea was able to do some of the steps all by herself.

dessert graveyard

arranging tombstones

gummy worms

SweetPea did the worms and candy corn all by herself!

Trivia courtesy Grandpa: What was the original name for candy corn?

Chicken Feed…the more you know!

bear jack o lantern

jack o lantern



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