3 Weeks In

Today was a first since Bub was born.  I took both SweetPea and Bub to the grocery store by myself!

True it was a very short grocery list.  But we did it!  Aside from the one item I actually needed for dinner tonight…I forgot that.  But I remembered the ice cream, so everything is ok in my book.

Did I mention we went to the doctor last week?  Bub has gained 2 pounds since we left the hospital!  For this mom (who struggled immensely with milk supply the first time) that was the best news ever.

And have I told you how ridiculously adorable SweetPea is with little Bub?  She’s always giving him hugs and kisses, asking to hold him, and helping Dad feed him with the bottle.

Meanwhile, little Bub spends his day sleeping, eating, crying, and farting (seriously, this kid has gas).  And I spend my day with a kink in my neck from looking down at him all the time.  I just can’t get enough of that little guy.

SweetPea and Little Bub

SweetPea and Little Bub


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