39 weeks pregnant!

And as exhausted, uncomfortable, and ready as I may be for this peanut to pop out, this peanut is not very ready.

I’ve gained 27 pounds, and not that I’m particularly concerned about the number, mostly just intrigued, I am excited to see that number creep back down.

I’ve started incorporating prunes…err…dried plumes… in my diet.  Not because I necessarily need the help now, but I definitely remember the fear that comes post delivery.  For those of you that have given birth, you know what I’m talking about.  I figure some preemptive work on my part will come in very handy in the next few weeks.  That and I really like prunes, I mean, dried plums.  They’re just so tasty.  Much tastier than prune juice, which is what I had to utilize after SweetPea was born.

My husband’s first season as a soccer coach has officially kicked off (no pun intended…seriously, I wrote it and then realized it was punny).  His first game was against the cross town rivals.  We tied.  Which was pretty good for our team considering their record for the past several years.  Now he’s on an away game.  It just started 3 minutes ago and I really wish I could have gone, but we figured that driving 3 hours away from my doctor was a sure fire way to go into labor.  Hmm…maybe I should have gone.

I made a peach banana smoothie this morning.  So SweetPea had smoothie-mustache.  That was pretty cute.  Until it smeared with her snotty nose snot…awww the first fall cold…

I’m rereading Harry Potter.  It’s so good.

I also just finished The Night Circus.  Now that was a ridiculously good book.  And I recommend everybody read it.

It might only be 10 in the morning, but I’m already thinking about lunch…and how I want pizza.


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