t – 20 days

Well, we’re less than 3 weeks from the due date.  And oh boy, am I excited to be this close to the finish line!  All I think about are the things I can’t wait to experience post delivery.

Things like sitting at a 90 degree angle without feeling all my internal organs getting squished into horribly, uncomfortably, tight positions.

Things like fitting into clothes…any clothes really…because at this point my maternity clothes aren’t really fitting anymore.

Things like having a lap for SweetPea to sit in, I know, I know, her baby brother will probably be in that space an awful lot…but still.

Things like walking up one flight of stairs without getting out of breath…or even better actually working out (in a few weeks).

Things like smelling that new baby’s head…best smell in the world? Yes.

Now I know there are some not so fun things that go along with post delivery…like delivery for instance.  And little to no sleep.  And lots of diapers.  But there are also things like ridiculously weak margaritas and spinach (for some reason spinach makes me so nauseous this pregnancy).

So for now, I’ll continue to get excited about every contraction and hope that maybe I’m just going into labor.  Maybe I should pack a hospital bag.  Or wash some newborn clothing (all of this new baby’s stuff is still in boxes).  Or buy some newborn diapers.  Then again, maybe my husband can take care of all of that while I’m in the hospital 🙂


5 thoughts on “t – 20 days

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  2. OMG, YES!! I can’t wait to fit into clothes again — any clothes! And to be able to sit down without feeling my intestines bumping up against my rib cage. Or be able to walk without waddling. Or run or work out at all. Or see my feet. The list goes on.

    Good luck, sista! Hang in there these last couple of weeks!

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