We Don’t Need No Dirty Diapers

(sung to the tune of We Don’t Need No Education)

We’re attempting potty training.  It’s currently been a trial of patience.  Both ours (me and my husband) and our SweetPea’s patience.  This peeing in a toilet is hard work.  Really hard work.

In an attempt to stay in the bathroom we’ve read lots of books.  That’s actually a bit of a lie.  We’ve read a handful of books over, and over, and over.  And OVER.  Goodness.  But they (the infamous they) says that kids like repetition.  So we read them again and again.

It’s our third day.  And today’s going slightly better than the first two days.  Depending on your definition of better.  We’ve had just as many accidents…maybe more.  But we’ve also had a lot more pee in the potty.  Which is just so darn exciting…especially for everybody who isn’t SweetPea’s parents.

Regardless.  We’ve found Goldfish (the snack crackers), gummy bears, and books absolutely vital.

We’ve also found all those other blogs about how this toddler got it in one day, or that toddler got in three days not so vital.  Mostly aggravating, in fact.  Because (and this is a totally unbiased statement) my kid is freakin’ smart and if it is taking her more than three days to figure this peeing-in-the-potty thing out, it’ll take any kid more than three days to figure it out.  Right?

On the bright side, SweetPea had no accidents (or intentional peeing in the potty) from the time she got up from nap (at 5:30 pm, yes, I realize that’s a late nap, but that’s what she does) til she went to bed (at 8:45pm, yes I realize that’s a late bedtime, but Nona and Grandpa were over and so bedtime was pushed back a bit…).  That means she held it for over 3 hours!!  That’s big news.

Now.  If only we could get her to pee in the potty.  And not just hold it forever.


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