Jillian Jiggs – Phoebe Gilman




I was first introduced to this book when I was a kid.  My parents gave it to me.  Probably because I (like Jillian) had a very VERY messy room.  I loved the book.  And now I’m so excited because SweetPea is finally able to sit still long enough to listen to all most of the book in just one sitting.

This is simply a whimsical story about a young girl who is forced to clean her room.  And she does!  Unfortunately (for the girl’s mom), as soon as it’s clean her imagination begins to take hold and she follows it through several stories.  Each time her room gets messier and messier.

It’s a simple book with cute rhymes and cuter illustrations (also done by Phoebe Gilman).  The story is driven by a young girl and her friends (imagine that, I like that the lead is a girl).  And it’s not too long for toddlers to stay interested in it (or adults, for that matter).

But if you’re looking for a book to teach your kid to keep their room clean, this probably isn’t it…at least, it never worked for me.  It’s more about having fun and living out anything you imagine.  Which, I think, is even better than a clean room 🙂 .


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