On a Roll

So I made bbq chicken in the crockpot.  I’m not going to tell you the recipe (ok, I am…but only because it’s so easy) because literally all I did was dump the chicken in the crockpot pour some bbq sauce over it and let it cook for awhile.  Easy-peasy.

That was dinner.

While I cleaned up dinner I started a pot of chicken stock (using the bones from the chicken we had just eaten).  I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty bad about actually using the stock up…it tends to get shoved to the back of the fridge and mold (oops).  But what I really like about making chicken stock is that when I fish all the carrot rounds out my daughter loves them!  It’s her favorite way to eat carrots.

And what’s not to love?  They’re soft, having been cooked for over 12 hours.  They’ve cooked in chicken stock and spices and garlic…that makes them delicious.  And I love them because they are so easy to serve up!

So how do I make chicken stock?

I put the bones in a cheesecloth bag and tie it off.  Why?  Most people just strain their stock and toss all the chunks keeping just the broth.  But I want the chunks…especially the carrot chunks.

Then I toss it in the crockpot.

Add however many carrots I want.  Add a couple cloves of peeled garlic.  Sometimes I add other veggies, depending on what’s in the fridge.

Cover with cold water.

Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar.

Let sit COLD for an hour or two.  It’s supposed to leech something out of the bones and make the stock healthier.  I’m not sure if it does or not, but it’s easy enough to do, so I do it.


Homemade chicken stock - ready to cook overnight

Homemade chicken stock – ready to cook overnight

Turn the crockpot on low and let it sit overnight.  I shoot for 14 hours…sometimes it sits closer to 18, sometimes closer to 12.

Remove bag o’ bones.  Toss bones.  Clean bag.

With slotted spoon remove carrots, save for later.

The goods!

The goods! Yep, those are a couple carrots in the stock jars…and I’m ok with that.

Pour stock into whatever container/jar you want to store it.  And if you’re me, think of at least one meal where you can use the stock within the next week (to avoid moldy stock in the back of the fridge).

There you have it.  Homemade, healthy chicken stock.  SweetPea’s favorite carrots.  And I’m thinking mac and cheese to use up that stock…or maybe chicken pot pie (but only if there’s a stormy day, it’s too hot of a meal for the 80+ degree weather we’ve been having).


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