Proud Moments

I’m proud to say my kid likes beet hummus, carrot hummus, broccoli/cauliflower/garlic puree, and occasionally veggie nuggets.  She also eats her weight in fruit every day.

I’m proud that I married a man who can make my kid a batmobile.


I am not so proud that my house looks like it’s auditioning for Hoarders…however we’re getting ready to move so we have boxes packed to go, furniture sold and gone, and a growing pile of yard sale stuff.  So I guess I can overlook this hovel for a couple more days.


One thought on “Proud Moments

  1. Where’ve you been? Is this the move to the mountains? Well, I guess you’ve been busy… Look at Swee Pea! You are a lucky girl and so are they to have you.

    Adopt my motto… Don’t Worry – Be Happy Meher Baba

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