Feeling Used

SweetPea’s been a little under the weather the past few days.  And like most people who are under the weather, her appetite has been lacking.  As in, I could barely get her to eat ANYTHING.  So if she said she wanted something, she got it.  And hopefully she would eat a few bites of it.

Well…this stance appears to have backfired.  She’s beginning to feel better.  And she’s making some rather unreasonable demands.  Unreasonable being she makes the demands then refuses the goods.

Yesterday she asks for a banana.  I get her a banana, and “nooooo,” she doesn’t want her banana.  Then she asks for milk, I bring her milk and she pushes it away. Then she asks for raisins, I get her raisins and she doesn’t even look at them.

Today she asks for eggs for dinner.  I make her eggs, she eats a couple bites and says she done, but she’s still hungry.  She wants jelly.  No, not on bread, not on a crepe.  Just jelly.  So I tell her it comes on either bread or a crepe.  And she decides on bread.  I cut the crust off, put the jelly on (and I put a generous amount of jelly on), then I cut it into more manageable slices.

I deliver the jelly with bread. And all I hear is a resounding “NOOOOOOO.”

So, now we’re at a stand still.  She refuses to eat.  And I refuse to feed her…bring on the feelings of guilt.  Goodness gracious.


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