On a Roll: Louise Cooper’s Indigo Series; a review

Believe it or not, but while I wasn’t posting on here, I have been recreationally reading.  Probably more than I should have.  I should have been studying, but when I get overwhelmed I look to escape, and I’m sorry to say but my Medical-Surgical Nursing textbook does not provide the kind of escape I like.  So instead I read lots (and lots) of other books.

Those other books include the Indigo series by Louise Cooper.

This is longer series, coming in at eight books.  But unlike most fantasy books, they aren’t 1000 plus pages, closer to maybe 300 or 400, very doable.

Let’s start with a con, if you can call it a con.  The first book scared the bejesus out of me.  Seriously, I didn’t sleep that night.  Without giving too much away (I hope), I think the reason it was so scary was because the demon has a vulnerability…at least that’s what you think at first…but no, not really, not vulnerable, just scary.  So the first con is also a pro, it’s scary and it pulled me right in, I had to keep reading.

Indigo Series – Louise Cooper

In the first book Indigo releases seven demons.  The next seven books are about her vanquishing those demons.  What’s really great about these books is with each book the demons become more internal, they still have physical bodies, but conquering them requires Indigo to conquer a flaw within herself.

Yes, there are disappointments during the series.  I think the series starts as a fairly typical fantasy series, but as it progresses and morphs into a more internal battlefield it can (at times) let a reader down.  Especially if the reader want it to continue down the same action-packed, fantasy-filled road they’re used to.  However, I thought the change from outward to inward was gradual and natural.  So even though I wanted some of the normal fantasy plotlines, I could appreciate the books with slower plotlines because (in my opinion) it was the truest direction the story could have gone.

Another awesome thing about this series, the two main characters are female. Not only are the two main characters female, but a lot of the peripheral characters are female (whoop, whoop!)  They are strong, dynamic, flawed, and powerful characters.  And (did I already mention this?) they are female.  Bam.

As an aside: I love reading about strong female characters.  In fact, I’ll post a quick review about another series that really highlights women (!).  And with one daughter, whom I’m hoping is an avid reader, I’m looking for more books with strong girls and women.  Any recommendations?  Anyone?  Hello?  Bueller?…Bueller?

SweetPea + husband + me

I decided to use the  mention of my daughter as a good excuse to post a picture of her.  We’re already training her for hikes this summer.  Yep, yep!


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