Sometimes I feel like a Mom-Goddess.  Like when I give SweetPea beet hummus and she likes it.

Granted, I think she mostly liked that it was bright pink, but she said “yum” when she ate it for the first time.  Success!

But it is delicious.  So delicious, in fact, that I might have eaten have the batch in one sitting the last time I made it.  I recommend you try it.

I’m not going to post the recipe.  Because you can find it Weelicious.  In fact, I’m just going to use her picture as the link (so you can see how pink the hummus is).  So click the picture to get to the recipe.  And while you’re there, check out some of her other recipes.  Because they’re good.  They’re healthy.  And they’re kid friendly.  That’s a win-win-WIN in my book!

Beet and White Bean Hummus – Weelicious


Sick Kids are Twerpy

Especially when they get their parents sick.

I’ve been down with a fever for three days.  I stayed up last night puking.  Which actually really surprised me.  I mean all I had eaten yesterday was two tangerines and two handfuls of crackers (multigrain, I might add).  I also drank two glasses of apple juice.  I’m not usually a big juice drinker, but I knew I needed some fluids and calories.  Well that apparently didn’t sit too well with my stomach.

So now I’m trying to pretend I feel decent, but let’s be honest.  All I really want is to crawl into the cave I’ve created on my bed and not emerge for a couple days.

Update on the jelly fiasco

Less than 30 minutes after I made the jelly on bread.  It was rejected.  It prompted a post.  That was subsequently written and posted.  SweetPea starts asking for jelly.  I, of course, say “no.”  She of course makes demands.  I cave.

Now she’s eating her jelly on bread and drinking milk.


Another update: three bites were consumed, then she was done 🙂

Feeling Used

SweetPea’s been a little under the weather the past few days.  And like most people who are under the weather, her appetite has been lacking.  As in, I could barely get her to eat ANYTHING.  So if she said she wanted something, she got it.  And hopefully she would eat a few bites of it.

Well…this stance appears to have backfired.  She’s beginning to feel better.  And she’s making some rather unreasonable demands.  Unreasonable being she makes the demands then refuses the goods.

Yesterday she asks for a banana.  I get her a banana, and “nooooo,” she doesn’t want her banana.  Then she asks for milk, I bring her milk and she pushes it away. Then she asks for raisins, I get her raisins and she doesn’t even look at them.

Today she asks for eggs for dinner.  I make her eggs, she eats a couple bites and says she done, but she’s still hungry.  She wants jelly.  No, not on bread, not on a crepe.  Just jelly.  So I tell her it comes on either bread or a crepe.  And she decides on bread.  I cut the crust off, put the jelly on (and I put a generous amount of jelly on), then I cut it into more manageable slices.

I deliver the jelly with bread. And all I hear is a resounding “NOOOOOOO.”

So, now we’re at a stand still.  She refuses to eat.  And I refuse to feed her…bring on the feelings of guilt.  Goodness gracious.

I Am Number Four – Pittacus Lore


Super powers

Lame-o love story

I must admit, I enjoyed this book.  I’ve called books gateway drugs in a previous post.  And this book falls into that category.  It was delightful to read.  Granted, throughout the book I criticized it: poor choices…poor dialogue…poor love story.  Did all of those flaws stop me from reading the book?  No.  Did they slow me down?  No.

Will I stand on the rooftops and proclaim this the best book I’ve read in the past week?  Heck no.  But did it keep me entertained?  Yes, yes it did.  Is it currently introducing young teens to the sci fi genre?  Yes, yes it is.  Will those teens go on to read other books?  Hopefully, oh hopefully.

So, do I recommend this book?  I’m going to be a little ambiguous about this.  I think that if you are able to read books without getting caught up in flaws (as long as they’re not tooooo big) and you want some light hearted reading for a couple hours, this could be an option.  Then again, I could recommend some much better easy reads that you will probably enjoy more.  So maybe, read it if you want.  Like it for what it is: a simple story with a simple (albeit predictable) plot line.

I am Number Four – Pittacus Lore

Spoiler alert:  The best part of this book was the dog.  I’m not even kidding.  But as you know, in books, dogs die.  Not. In. This. Book.  Finally a book where the dog lives.

The Magicians – Lev Grossman

Other worlds

Magic school

Slightly offputting

So I just finished The Magicians.  It sounded very intriguing, comparisons to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, but also compared to Narnia.  This was a story where the magical world you enter might not be as welcoming and heartwarming as Narnia was.  So I was intrigued, and excited to read it.

My first complaint about this book is virtually the same complaint I made about the Amulet of Samarkand.  I didn’t like the characters.  Any of them.  They were mopey, unsatisfied, undriven, and full of self pity.  All right, so there may have been one character with a little more drive and a little more reader sympathy, but she was peripheral for a good chunk of the book and it wasn’t until the very end that she became multi-faceted enough to really be interesting.

My second complaint is about how similar Fillory was to Narnia.  But it was twisted and dirty.  And while I think this darker version was very well done, it made me question some of the simple and good views I have a Narnia.  I selfishly didn’t like this because I loved Narnia, I especially love Narnia on a very simple and shallow level, yes I know it is virtually one long biblical allegory.  But Narnia, a tale about four kids and a witch and magic lion…that story I love, and I hate that for even a little while this book has made me look for dark, twisty corners in Narnia.

Personally, I won’t recommend this book to fellow readers.  If you want a magical world, go read about Narnia, or Oz, or Hogwarts.  This book left a sour taste in my mouth and I would have rather spent that time reading (or rereading) some other book, some better book.  Or sleeping, I like sleeping and I don’t do enough of it 🙂

The Magicians – Lev Grossman