Potatoes. Remix.

I like potatoes.  Mashed.  Baked.  Fried.  In stew.  On shepherd’s pie.  Oh my, I do like potatoes.  But they’ve gotten a somewhat bad rep.  And while I will still argue that (prepared properly) even white potatoes can be healthy, apparently there is a potato (and it’s not sweet) that has some pretty good stuff in it.

I’m talking about blue potatoes!  Blue potatoes, like the white potatoes, have a lot of carbs and starch, and a little iron and fiber, but unlike the white potato, these things are full of antioxidants.

Think blueberry levels of antioxidants.  I’ve heard (and I’m guessing you’ve all heard) how good blueberries are for us.  I’ve also heard how bad conventional blueberries are and how important it is to buy organic blueberries.  And my, those organic blueberries are tasty.  Unfortunately, they are also super-duper pricey.  Especially now that it’s no longer blueberry season (at least, not where I am).

So what’s a health conscious gal supposed to do?  Head to the potato aisle.  That’s right, while these blue beauties are more expensive than their white counterparts, they are much MUCH cheaper than blueberries.  And you can fix them anyway that you would normally fix white potatoes.  Which is good, cause now that’s fall and winter is looming I’m craving those warm dishes and frankly potatoes lend themselves quite nicely to a hearty winter meal.

So what I’m saying is, if you haven’t ventured to the blue side, give it a shot.  They’re delicious, healthy, and not too hard on the wallet.  Which is a good thing (at least for me).

And next spring, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous plant a few blue potato plants.  That’s what we did this past spring.  And so our blue potato dishes are very easy on the wallet (at least until our crop runs out).

I’m no great gardener.  I like cacti, because I can usually keep them alive.  For a while.  So if you’re like me and have more of a black thumb than green, this plant will probably still grow and produce lots and lots of potatoes.  Think about it.

blue potatoes, blue potato, blue, potato

mashed blue potatoes, blue potatoes, mashed potatoes, blue