An Honest Woman!

We’re married!  All official like.  For realsies.  Want proof?  Read Look and weep.


Oh wait.  That doesn’t prove a thing.  That’s just me and my girls.  And pizza.  Gotta have pizza.


Did I mention he’s a flaming red head?


That’s my dad.  He was nervous, maybe even more than me.


Yes! He’s mine, ladies.  Go find your own goofy red head.


The best best friends a girl could ask for.


My favorite people ever.


We don’t like to laugh.  At all.  Ever.

We have a lot more pictures.  But I guess I’m done showing off the amazing people in my life.  And not to be mean, but you probably wish you knew some (or all) of them.  They’re pretty incredible.  And they managed to take what could have been a very stressful day and made it magical.

Those of you that have been married are probably saying, every wedding is stressful.  But let me tell you what, I think (and I might be going out on a limb) that our wedding may have had a few more stressors than the average wedding.

First, 3 days before the wedding (keep that number in mind, 3 days) and our venue was evacuated for smoke due to the encroaching forest fire.

Second, 3 days before the wedding we had to find a new venue, and then we had to replan an entire wedding.

Third, in 3 days!

But, let me clarify, when I say “we” had to find a new venue and then “we” had to replan a wedding, I’m somewhat misleading you.  Only one of us (being my husband and I) had to find a venue and replan a wedding.

And it wasn’t me!  I was at the hospital doing a clinical for school (whoop, whoop!) and when I got home I was informed that our first venue was evacuated…and that Dan had already booked a new one, gotten tables, chairs, and linens, and everything else that needed to be gotten.  I looked at him, and said, “good.”  Then I went downstairs to study. I emerged in time for a Bachelorette party and continued to celebrate/not stress about the wedding for the rest of the weekend.

And here we are, almost 2 weeks later.  Still married.  Still awesome.

(Oh what the heck, one more photo…I just want to show off my amazing husband…can you blame me? 😉 )


4 thoughts on “An Honest Woman!

  1. Hello, babe! It’s me, your husband. Just wanted to drop by the ol’ blog and say that you’re 33% done with school! I’m so proud of you!



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