That’s The Crepe-iest Kid Ever!

So I’ve discovered another amazing way to get SweetPea to eat meat and veggies, man that kid sure does love fruit and carbs.

I’ve started making whole wheat crepes for her.  Then I stuff ’em with any of the pureed veggies or meats I have on hand.  It works like a charm.  I usually only do half a crepe at a time because some days she just won’t eat a certain puree.  If she doesn’t eat it, I just grab a different puree and we’re off and running…errr, eating.

Now, I’ve never been much of a crepe maker.  To be completely honest, I always thought they required too much crepe-making talent for me to be any good at.  Buuuttt I found a simple recipe and it’s quite good.  What’s that you say?  You would like me to share my magical “baby-eats-broccoli-and-cauliflower-puree” crepe recipe?  Why, it’s almost too easy.

Magic “Baby-Eats-Broccoli-And-Cauliflower-Puree” Crepes


2 eggs
1.5 cups milk (whole milk if it’s for SweetPea, 2% if it’s for me)
1 cup flour (whole wheat or white, whichever you prefer)
pinch of salt

Put ingredients in bowl.  Whisk until smooth.  Heat pan over medium-high heat.  Pour 2-3 tablespoons batter into pan.  Swirl pan around to spread batter out (this is an important step).  Now watch crepe cook.  When the center looks done, in a minute or so, the crepe is done (if you do a good job swirling and it’s nice and thin you don’t have to flip it over).  Slide crepe out of pan onto plate.  Fill crepe with anything delicious.  Eat deliciousness, or feed deliciousness to your kiddo, or quality control check every crepe you feed to your kiddo with a bite or two.

whole wheat crepes, baby food, crepes for babies


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