Am I so far behind

that I actually think I’m in front?

Because honestly, I’m pretty sure I’m a genius.

I’ve been struggling.  Strug-gah-ling. Getting my Sweet Pea to eat.  She’s just too big to want to be fed by Mom or Dad anymore.  But, she also has not perfected eating anything with a spoon, throwing the bowl and spoon on the ground is way more entertaining.  And she won’t eat cooked veggies.  I’m not kidding.  She will literally pick veggies out of her meal, squish them between her finger and thumb, and then gingerly set them to the side.  Don’t believe me?  I have proof.

peas, baby food, kids eating veggies, veggies, vegetables

See what I mean?  Peas. On. The. Side.  Now that’s not frustrating.  Not frustrating at all.

So what do I do?  I make a ton of different meals for Sweet Pea, freeze them in the ice cube tray (you know, so I can defrost a small amount any time), and try to feed these different things to my kid.  And she’s not having it.

She won’t eat any of it, granted it’s all too small to eat with her fingers so I’m trying to feed her and she is not ok with this situation.  Ahhhhh!  I was so frustrated.

Well, here comes my genius.  I decided to use all these delicious things, meals like lemon chicken, lentil chili, beef stew, you know, good things.  Anyway, I use them all as pasta sauce.  I smoosh beef stew into pasta shells.  Boom.  Sweet Pea gobbles it up and waits, not so patiently, for more.  So I smoosh some lentil chili into some noodles.  Boom.  Gone.  Yesterday I put lemon chicken on pasta, boom, in her belly.

Like I said, I’m either a genius or so far behind every other mom and dad that I think I’m in front.

I’m going with genius, it makes me feel better.


5 thoughts on “Am I so far behind

  1. Hee hee…I love this. She is trying all the different flavors. My son often picks stuff out too, because he is funny about some textures. I just keep offering it, and usually, he eventually tries it. If he is hungry enough he will usually eat anything, so I stopped giving him a snack before dinner and that helped immensely. But he is older than yours so a little bit more time spent eating solids.

  2. You are right on! Just feed tham what you eat ( represent a babyfood maker for a living I blend everything) Don’t give them a chance to pull out the veggies just get them used to the flavors now and in time she will eat all her veggies !

  3. Sweet Pea is adorable! I love that look she’s giving you in this photo. I think this is an amazing idea!

  4. It’s amazing when you stumble upon something that works well for you as a mom! Good luck with it all, Sweet Pea is adorable!

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