Somethings Never Change

Study habits, for example, never change (not mine anyway).

Ever since first starting college (back 2001), I’ve been consuming cinnamon bears and hot tamales when studying.  Now that I’m back in school, guess what I’m consuming.  Go on, guess.  Cinnamon bears and hot tamales.  There’s just something about their sugary goodness combined with cinnamon flavor that gets me through the long study sessions.

cinnamon bears, study habits, candy, cinnamonI wish I had a giant jar filled with cinnamon bears just for my studies.  But it’s probably better that I buy the small bags and make them last several days.  I feel this many cinnamon bears would only result in an upset stomach and a sore tongue, you know, from over-indulging too much studying.


2 thoughts on “Somethings Never Change

  1. I had a girl friend once, who loved Cinnamon Bears. I developed a taste for them, since I had a taste for the girl. Not sure I’d mix CB’s and Hot Tamales…

    • Usually I don’t consume them both in the same study session. I just go back and form between the two treats. They both are cinnamony, sugary, and soft. But Hot Tamales are much better for late night study sessions, they’re a little hotter which helps me stay awake 🙂

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