Big News, Good News

After deciding it was way past time to read the Harry Potter series I began looking for the books.  But I refused to buy them new, too expensive, and I was on a thrift store kick.  It only took a couple weeks for me to get six of the books.  But book number five, that elusive book number five, never cropped up.  Until today.

I have completed collecting the Harry Potter series!  Now excuse me, I have a few, ahem, seven, books to read.

Harry Potter book 7, order of the phoenix, jk rowling, books

Oh book 5, you thought you could escape, but now you are mine.


3 thoughts on “Big News, Good News

  1. Enjoy them, they are fabulous. My favourites were 3, 5 and 7…and many of them (especially 7) require having kleenex on hand…

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