Flash Fiction (22) – Just In Case

barb wire, fence, barb wire fence, rust

Prompt from Madision Woods, go check out her blog and read others’ responses to this prompt.

Just In Case

She picked up the rifle and slung it over her shoulder.  She had never had to use it, but her dad always made her take it, just in case.  She saddled up her horse, grateful that her morning chores consisted of one task.  Riding.  Granted, she couldn’t deviate from the fence, so it got tedious some mornings, but all she had to do was ride.  And make sure the fence didn’t have any downs in it, or worse, any animals tangled in it.  Sometimes she was late for school, and sometimes she missed it altogether.  But it was her job to repair any damage to the fence, and first she had to find it.

She heard the calf before she saw it.  It was shrieking.  She urged her horse to move faster.  She topped a swell and could see the animal.  It had gotten tangled in the wires.  She was glad, this had happened before and it shouldn’t be too hard to untangle the calf.

When she got closer she saw the wires were cutting into the calf, they were around his legs and his belly and the one that cut deepest was around his neck.  The more he struggled the more the wires sunk their rusty teeth into him.  She grabbed the wire cutters and began cutting and pulling, trying to free the animal.  But the more she freed him, the more he fought, and the more entangled he became.  It was a fruitless effort.

She stopped and went back to her horse.  She grabbed her rifle.  She had never had to use it before but her dad always made her take it, just in case.


14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction (22) – Just In Case

  1. This is a vivid piece and I totally felt for your character. You made her very real and I could feel the agony of the calf through her eyes. I liked how you repeated the line about the rifle at the end – it gave the piece of a closed feel and also told us the ending without you having to show it.
    If there’s one thing, i would have liked the character to have a name – I always think we feel more for someone when we have their name to pin our feelings on.
    I’m over here: http://elmowrites.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/friday-fiction-soul-memories/

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