Boggle My Mind

Ok.  So I’ve always liked the game Boggle, and recently my fiance downloaded a game called Scramble With Friends.  It is the online version of Boggle!  And it is so much fun.  I highly recommend you check the game out (in either the online form or the old fashion board game form).

Boggle, word games

It’s a pretty simple game.  There are a bunch or random letters in a 4×4 grid.  All you have to do is find all the words you can.  The letters have to be in some way touching – so side to side, top to bottom, or diagonally.  And it’s a game that gets more fun the more you play.  Because once you get the hang of it then you can start finding some bigger and more obscure words and that’s always fun.  It’s especially fun in Scramble With Friends because after the round the computer will tell you what the highest point scoring words are.  And let’s just say it a point of pride to have found some of those top scoring words.

Zynga, Scramble With Friends, Boggle, word games

– Dang, I sound a bit like a nerd.  Oh yeah, that’s cause I am!

It’s a great way to get the old mental juices flowing and crank up some competition in  your life.  Not to mention I always just feel dang smart when I win a round (and I usually just ignore when I lost, because that was obviously a fluke).

Anyways, try it.  Boggle.  Or Scramble With Friends.  Either way, you’ll have a lot of fun.


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