Boys and Girls…Differences?

So I just read a post on advertising shoes for boys vs girls.  Girls shoes are pretty.  Boys shoes are adventurous.  Here’s the post.

Then I read a post on how parents are less likely to take their preschool ages daughters to the park (compared to sons).  Here’s that post.

Thank you Rebecca Hains and Margot Magowan for continuing to illuminate gender inequality.  Without knowledge we cannot change.

I think there is a connection.  What about you?


5 thoughts on “Boys and Girls…Differences?

  1. Miq- the other day Shanny and I were in Target buying a birthday present for a seven-year-old. I have to say I was shocked and ticked upon seeing 3 (!) aisles of “pink”. Obviously these were the “girls” toys. meh.

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  3. Thank you for blogging about my post! I appreciate it. It’s so important for parents to think about how advertising and marketing tactics reinforce stereotypes–and in so doing, they sell out our kids.

  4. That’s so sad. I remember getting new sneakers when I was little and running around the house, claiming the shoes made me run faster and jump higher. Girls need adventure shoes, too!

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