Flash Fiction (17) – Music in Her Ears

Prompt from Quill Shiv, go check it out to read other takes on this prompt.

Music in Her Ears

They haunted her, the echoes of refrains long since silenced.  Any quick turn of her head let her capture the faintest glimmer of light but then it was gone.  The music, the conversation, the glow, and the luster eluded her.

She was trapped in a cocoon of quiet, a world of grays.  She held on to her memories of vivid colors and bright sounds.  But even so, they slipped away.  She reached out, grasping, yearning.  She kicked and fought.  She shouted her defiance.  But it was muffled and choked out by silence.

Unable to remember what she was fighting for, what she was holding on to, she relaxed.  She slipped into the warm comfort of stillness.  Of sameness.


6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction (17) – Music in Her Ears

  1. I would say that silence is good, but in this case I don’t believe it is. There was something unsettling about this and her struggle against the silence. Nice work.

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