Witches by Roald Dahl




This isn’t so much a review as a reminder.  Roald Dahl’s books are so much fun to read.  Everybody, man, woman, and child, should read some of his books.

A quick reminder, this book, Witches, is actually quite scary.  It talks about witches getting rid of children by all sorts of horrendous means.  Make sure your child is old enough to read this without getting nightmares.  Oh, and make sure you can handle this without nightmares (I made sure to read it on a week when my fiance wasn’t leaving town 🙂 ).

witches, roald dahl


9 thoughts on “Witches by Roald Dahl

  1. Yeah, and wait til you get a load of the film! It copped out with a happy ending, mind you…the book version of ‘Witches’ really is fantastic.

    Roald Dahl also did some excellent ‘grown up’ stories, although actually I don’t think any were nearly as terrifying as his kids books! The Twits was my other favourite one of his. He was an amazing writer with such a dark sense of humour, or justice…and thank you for this reminder!

  2. I loved this book when I was younger. I read it several times. I like Roald Dahl so much that I bought a box set of his books for if I had children, which my wife and I were planning to at the time, we now have a 15 month son. I look forward to being able to read these to him or him reading them himself.

  3. The Dahl book I own is ‘James and the Magic Peach’… Magical. I read it to all three of my grandchildren. I have seen ‘The Witches’, but never read it. Maybe I will now.

    • I’ve read a handful of his books. They are all fantastic! I would definitely recommend reading more (for yourself or grandkids)

  4. I haven’t actually read this one – will have to search it out! Dahl has such a michievious, dark sense of humour. I think possibly adults are more worried by it than many children. Traditional fairytales are pretty grim too, after all.

    • I never even thought to compare his stuff to fairy tales. I keep trying to come up with an argument as to why this book is scarier than the fairy tales…but I can’t. Maybe I’ve just heard the fairy tales enough that they don’t scare me any more, but this book was new fodder for my overly active imagination.

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