Flash Fiction (13) – The Last Place

This has been updated after reading some feedback from Em and Doug.  They were definitely right on the money with their advice.  Thanks guys!

Prompt from Inspiration Monday.  Go check it out for more prompts and more interpretations of those prompts.

Last Place You Look

I hate when people say they found it in                                                            the last place they looked.                                                                                     I want to shake them by their shoulders.                                                            Of course it was in                                                                                             the last place you looked,                                                                                   you fool!

What?                                                                                                       Did you think you were going to find it                                                                and then look in one more place                                                                       just so you could say it was in                                                                           the second to last place you looked?

No,                                                                                                          because that would be stupid.


7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction (13) – The Last Place

  1. Okay, the first part of that cracked me up.
    It’s really good! I would cut out the last stanza though. Loved the rest.

  2. Dear Miq,

    Roaming around your blog and found this poem. I enjoyed it a great deal. Could not articulate a niggling feeling about it until I read Em’s comment above. I agree with her (though I full well appreciate the attachment a writer has to every sentence.) If you ever want me to mind my own business, say the word. I’m a quick study.



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