Kids and Food

One of my biggest concerns for my daughter is food. There are very few women I know who have always had a healthy relationship with it. I hope that I can instill in her what I have struggled to have myself.

Reel Girl

This post is really about kids and food. I realize even girls and food is a digression from my main blog mission which is supposed to be to rate and recommend media and products on how empowering they are  to girls. But as I write and think about media and girls, the way I think about food and girls is so related. Besides, the whole point of a blog is you get to digress, right? So here I go.

I mentioned a few posts back I don’t want to forbid toys like Barbie because I think that gives her a charge that only makes kids want her more; I think candy, junk food, is the same way. I try to get really excited about things I think are good for my kids and give little attention to things that are not so good.

A main goal for me as the…

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3 thoughts on “Kids and Food

  1. That was interesting…and I always knew that I’d be adamant about healthy body image with my kids if I had girls (hell, I’m also going to keep an eye on it with my boys!) That being said, I wouldn’t be leaving any junk food on these “Food shelves”…I think kids need to learn what is healthy and what isn’t to allow them to make good choices. It drives me crazy when I see someone with an unhealthy body and an unhealthy image about it telling me that they can’t seem to do anything about it while they eat extremely unhealthily (and yes, this does happen, regularly!)

    • I agree. I’m always looking for ways to foster good eating habits. I think this is a very interesting way to do this. But it wouldn’t work for me. As in, if someone told me I could eat oreos or sugary cereal for breakfast, I would. But that might be because growing up those were treats and were only around on very rare occasions, so when they were bought we ate them as fast as we could otherwise they’d be eaten by someone else. If that stuff was always around, but my parents still demonstrated healthy eating and cooked healthy foods maybe I would have less desire to go all out when it comes to junk food. But I just don’t know. This is definitely some food for thought 🙂

  2. I agree too. This is why I wrote my little book for families, so they can start having fun conversations about food and get to know it a bit before it actually becomes an issue – all without using the “fat” word. And from that, grew my blog, which has been even more fun 🙂

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