The Old Toothless Hound – an update

Well, my old dog had the rest of his teeth pulled yesterday (you can read a little blurb about that here).

And yesterday evening was a little rough.  He kept dripping blood, apparently the vets wanted the holes in mouth to drain so not everything was closed up.  He had the saddest eyes that just stared into space.  And once everybody went to bed I could hear him moaning.

Today, however, he is doing much better.  He loves that he is getting soft dog food and hopefully follows me every time I go to the kitchen. His eyes have their sparkle again.  And he is back to moving from one side of the room to the other trying to avoid my daughter who loves chasing him from one side to the other (don’t worry, she just learned how to crawl so it takes her awhile to get to him).

A big thank you to everyone who wrote nice words to me and my hound!


2 thoughts on “The Old Toothless Hound – an update

  1. I’m glad to hear he’s doing so well! We have a rather old, blind bunny who has been having some further troubles with his eyes in the past few weeks, so I can relate to the pet worry.

    • It’s so hard with pets, I think one of the reasons I find pet health problems so difficult is you can’t explain anything to them. I couldn’t tell Tobes we took him and left him at the vet and let the vet make his mouth hurt and bloody because we want him to be healthy. I hope they really can intuit as much as I think they can!

      I hope your bunny is doing well.

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