Puppy Chow (No More)




My poor old dog.  I took him to the vet to get a couple teeth pulled, turns out he needed ALL of them pulled.  Now he really is a toothless old dog.

Please don’t think I’m a horrible dog owner.  I got my old dog from the vet five years ago.  And before they let me take him home he had to get some teeth pulled.  You see, apparently at some point during his life he was badly abused and so he started chewing rocks.  This really damaged his teeth.  So the shelter pulled a few.  Then I had the vet pull ten (TEN!) a couple years ago.  And now the vet had to pull the rest of them out.

Poor old guy.  I can’t wait to go get him from the vet.  And don’t worry he’ll still get chow, it’ll just involve more slurping and less chomping.


13 thoughts on “Puppy Chow (No More)

  1. two of my cats are slowly losing all their teeth from gingivitis. it’s not from bad diets or anything they just have gingivitis. nothing can prevent it nothing can be done. so i don’t think you’re a bad owner at all and i can certainly empathize!

  2. Aw, poor old chap! I hope he’s alright. At least he can’t keep hurting himself by chewing rocks now though, huh? My aunt had a rescue dog that went through the same thing. It’s sad, but at least these old pups have good homes now, with owners that love them! (:

  3. you’re a good mommie…not to worry! You can’t help but feel bad for them, our little buddies. I have an old dog too. He’s covered up in warts, old lumpy and bumpy.

    Yours will be back home soon and on the receiving end of lots of TLC, I’m sure!

  4. You are not a bad owner. You have done the right thing booking him in for the procedure. They do great without any teeth by the way.

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