For All The Girls and Boys




I’ve been following a really great blog about gender equality (or lack thereof) in the media.  If you’re interested go check out Reel Girl.  It really is fabulous and points out all sorts of gender inequalities that we are all inundated with every day.  From there I found two more blogs that I also love.  Both Rebecca Hains and Peggy Orenstein write a lot about gender inequality.

I’ve found all three sites to be very insightful and useful.  And while yes, from what I’ve read, they focus on girls being boxed in by society, they never ever ever spout any anti-male propaganda.  And personally, I think that is very important.  I know it’s cliche, but they’re not blowing out others’ candles just to make theirs shine brighter.  I salute them for that.

If you are concerned or curious about gender inequality I absolutely think you should check out these sites.  And I hope that parents of both girls and boys read their posts.  Please don’t avoid gender inequality issues because you or your kids are male.  Instead of teaching boys to grow up to be men and girls to grow up to be women, let’s teach kids to grow up to be human beings.

It all starts with education, so get yourself and your kids informed.  Open dialogues about why certain movies, books, toys, or clothes are specific to one gender and what problems that may cause.  Seek out movies, books, toys, and clothes that market to all kids and promote development of people not just princesses or superheroes.

And if I don’t sound particularly articulate in my argument, all the more reason to check out these other blogs.  Trust me, these women know what they are talking about and they present the issues in a very easily understood manner.


5 thoughts on “For All The Girls and Boys

    • Yeah, it’s a shame that more people (ahem marketing professionals) don’t realize how many parents want products that don’t confirm to the stereotypical gender roles.

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