Creepers Gonna Creep; Crawlers Gonna Crawl


What’s the most accurate clean floor test?


A nine month old in white pajamas.




4 thoughts on “Creepers Gonna Creep; Crawlers Gonna Crawl

  1. Ha! With all our pet-related mess, I haven’t once allowed our kid on our floors. His socks look wretched enough after a few minutes in the Johnny Jump Up.

    And I clean – a lot.

    All I can hope is that kid’s going to have some kinda’ bionic immune system living with Satan’s Lap Hound and his Associates.

    • Satan’s Lap Hound…hahahaha! I don’t care what you say about your pets, our dog is THE stinkiest creature ever. And, for once, I’m not exaggerating. But the kiddo loves him and chases him around and hasn’t caught the stench from him yet, so I think we’re safe

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