Baby Bear’s Big Dreams a book by Jane Yolen



(I only need two descriptor words, and they aren’t even descriptors)

This is an absolutely cute children’s book written by Jane Yolen.  It opens with the lines ‘When I grow up/ in about a year’ and as soon as I read that I was chuckling. How often do we hear kids talk about being grown up that quickly?

The book maintained it’s whimsical rhymes and beautiful illustrations to follow baby bear’s dreams for as he grows older.  But before you parents gets too sad thinking about the baby growing up, the story ends with him coming back home for a kiss or two (from mom and dad), cause that’s what big bears do.

Seeing as this book is hard back with paper pages, my daughter hasn’t gotten to spend too much time with it (it’s a little too fragile for those baby fingers of hers).  But in a few months (hopefully) we’ll be able to pull this out as a special bedtime story.

Baby Bear's Big Dreams

I also happen to love this book because of the sweet inscriptions left by a marvelous family who gifted this book to my daughter 😉


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