Flash Fiction (8) Torn Sky

Starry Sky

(Prompt courtesy of L.S. Engler)

They sky was torn in two.  The two pieces were slowly pulling apart.  In the gap that I thought would be dark, there was light.  So much light.  It poured threw the tear and drenched the nighttime.  It soaked up every spot of dark and replaced it with a light far too bright for my eyes.  It didn’t belong in this world and it reveled in the ability to scare off all nocturnal life.

I had always thought of light as a good thing, but this light was cruel and it was cold and it held no comfort.


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction (8) Torn Sky

  1. Dear Miq,

    The view outside the observatory domes where I work (and am typing from) is very similar to the photo prompt that was the inspiration for your story.

    I enjoyed your meditaion on light. Up here my impressions are similar. The light is cold, but not cruel. it is, however, totally indifferent.



  2. I actually really like your description of the light. Indifferent, I think it evokes way more feeling than cruel. I’m going to tuck that away and use it in the future. Thanks!

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