Breakfast of Champions




I’m currently revamping my lifestyle.  That’s actually a bit of a lie, more truthfully, I’m tweaking my lifestyle.  I’m trying to take my mostly healthy lifestyle and make a few more good decisions to make it even healthier.

So I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast today.  Oatmeal.  With lots and lots of berries.  Now I have a giant (and I do mean giant) bowl of purple oatmeal.

I hope I can finish it all, because I hate wasting food.  Then again,  I’m trying to make better decisions and I don’t want to overeat.  Oh the dilemma!


4 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions

    • I kid you not, it was purple. And because there were so many berries in it I didn’t have to add any extra sugar! Hip hip hooray for healthy and delicious!

  1. Good for you! And oatmeal is great! I’m a big fan of it, myself. Blueberry oatmeal can be difficult to find, but it’s delicious. Try it if you get a chance. (Just make sure it’s not blueberry MUFFIN oatmeal … yuck!)

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