Stupifying kids?

I think this is true not only for babies but for everyone. As I commented on the post, people meet expectations, so raise the expectations and watch them rise to the challenge. Let’s continually challenge ourselves, our kids, our friends, our colleagues, and anyone else who happens to be around 🙂


As I was walking my dog today, I passed a man and his two kids. Having left my headset at home, I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation:

“Look, dear, a woofwoof*” the man said to the kid walking closest to him. He spoke to her in a pretty high-pitched and childish way, although the girl must have been around five years or so.
“Daddy” she said, seemingly a tad annoyed. “It’s not called a woofwoof, it’s called a dog.” Upon hearing that last sentence, I couldn’t help but smirk a little, remembering mine and my mom’s equal opinion on “baby-language”.

I won’t assert that I know so much about raising children, as I still am a child, but I don’t like when people speak to their kids in such a way. To me, that sort of talk should be thrown in a steel box and tossed into the ocean after…

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2 thoughts on “Stupifying kids?

  1. Totally agree with this — that is one of the things I like about Montessori education. And I am right there with you about applying it to adults as well; the aerobics teacher on my exercise video said, “Good Job!” to me today through the screen, and it made me wanna kick her in the teeth. Now that woulda burned some calories! 😉

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