Flash Fiction (7) Musical Hands

Prompt from Inspiration Monday. Go check it out to read more stories and find more prompts.

Musical Hands

I look at her sitting across the table, making jokes.  She’s telling another story about college.  I’ve already heard it but that doesn’t matter, I’m still a good audience.

My chest.  It hurts.  Too small.  No room.  My heart.  Swells.

I love her, I think to myself.  Then I remind myself of the times we’ve tried to be together.  I remind myself of the times she’s left me broken, crying, and alone.

But.  I love her.  Forever.

She reaches across the table and rests her hand on top of mine, smiles at me, and gently squeezes my fingers.

My heart grows.  My chests accommodates.  Joy.  Love.  I can feel them radiate from me.

Our fingers lace and I’m in, all the way in.  Her hand and my hand.  I love her.


11 thoughts on “Flash Fiction (7) Musical Hands

    • Thank you so much. Outside of flash fiction I tend towards the more verbose. These short pieces have been a great challenge for me. I’m glad you like it!

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    • I recently read about describing things in the present tense in first person. The point the author was trying to make was that in the moment, we don’t think in whole sentences but quickly acknowledge what is happening, later we analyze. I took that idea and tried to make it work with the prompt. It was very different and very challenging, but it was also really fun to do.

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