Flash Fiction (6) Faery Steps

Fairy Steps

(Prompt courtesy of Madison Woods.  If you’re interested go check out her story and then read the comments to find more stories from this particular prompt.)

Faery Steps

She descended the stairs and a flicker of light caught her attention.  It resembled a lone strand of spider webbing dancing to a rhythm she couldn’t quite hear.  She reached out, her finger grazed the strand, and her ears were assaulted with a cacophony.  Jerking her hand back the strand clung to her and as she tried to shake it off it wound around her fingers.

Fleeing the steps, she snuck into the hall.  It was warm and alive with too many people, too much noise.  Absentmindedly she rolled a string between her finger and thumb.  It was cool to the touch and through the noise of her surroundings she could hear it whispering, calling her.  She slipped back out into the night.


43 thoughts on “Flash Fiction (6) Faery Steps

    • Yeah, I think this scene might go into a bigger project I’m trying to figure out. If it does, that string will end up being very important.

      I’m off to read your piece 🙂

    • I just read and commented on your post…but I don’t think it stuck. Dang blogspot/wordpress rivalry.

      Anyway, I really liked your piece. And I loved that you named a werewolf Kyle Howler, that is epic!

    • I’m finding that quite a few of my flash fictions end up being scene or character sketches for an idea I’ve been toying around with. It makes these flashes that much more rewarding for me.

    • It’s a character from a book I’ve been thinking about for a long time (you know, 10 years long). The same character is in my Flash Fiction (4) post and another scene, that’s a little more developed, is in my Criticize Me, Please post. I probably won’t serialize this, but I think the chances of the majority of my fiction writing going up here will be related to this book, so the style and genre won’t change too much.
      I’m really really honored that you suggest serializing this. (I hope it’s because you like it 🙂 )

      • It is definitely because I liked it, and know many more people who would love to read it.

        If not serializing it, it may be a good marketing ploy, when the book is nearing publication, to have a series of vingettes based upon the world, or some characters, to tantalize readers. 🙂

    • Thank you! I feel this scene is a little prophetic of what is to come for the girl. Hearing that you found it interesting gives me hope that you’ll want to know what happens next.

    • It’s hard to fit a complete story in such a short frame. This is definitely just a snapshot of a scene in a much larger tale. I hope the whole story has the magic and intrigue but less confusion 🙂

  1. This is an instant favourite of mine. In your comments you talk about the possibility of a longer/larger story; please write it, as this was magical. You create imagery effortlessly and give a true sense of wonder. Something about this put me in mind of Allan Moore’s take on Swamp Thing and some of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Both of these comparisons I intend as a massive thumbs up 🙂 Brilliant ‘wish I’d written that’ stuff.

  2. Loved the way the veils thinned when she touched the strand. I’ve heard that one can’t just dip a toe into the land of fairy…

    Enjoyed that a lot.

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