On writing fantasy (Patrick Rothfuss)

This may be true. But I also think that this genre’s audience now expect an overabundance of description. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “On writing fantasy (Patrick Rothfuss)

  1. I definitely agree with Rothfuss, and, since fantasy fans expect that verbose descriptive tendency I always find it incredibly refreshing when I come across a fantasy series that doesn’t rely on giant passages of description and can keep good pacing in the epic timelines and keep their battles concise….

    I prefer to write that way, too, so I hope others feel the same way.

    • I agree, to a point. I think that the genre has so much description that the readers expect/want/like it. It’s hard to find of the right balance. I do think that a lot of fantasy authors err on the side of more description instead of less, which isn’t always best.

  2. When Tolkien wrote his first book, it was groundbreaking, new. As an avid fantasy reader and aspiring writer, I believe we no longer have to go to such lengths. Most people have been exposed to the general characters first described by Tolkien, especially those who read the genre.

    • But don’t you think that (especially in fantasy) the freedom to make characters and places so different means that more description is necessary?

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