Walter the Farting Dog, a review

I’m going to be honest; I loved this book.  I’m not sure how my daughter felt about it.

It’s not a baby book so it didn’t have the rhyming or lyrical quality to entertain.  It did, however, have big, bright, colorful drawings that my daughter was completely intrigued by.  She continuously reached for, lunged at, or touched the illustrations.

I loved this book because I adopted a dog from the pound.  And he is the gassiest, stinkiest dog I’ve ever encountered.  We’ve changed his diet.  We’ve taken him to the vet.  We’ve pulled our hair out in exasperation over his odorous state.  And we have definitely thought about writing a kid’s book about him.  This book (aside from Walter’s crime-stopping abilities) could have been autobiographical.

If you’re looking for a kid’s book, this is an entertaining one.  Keep in mind that it is about a farting dog.  That means if your sense of humor is too refined for those kind of jokes, it might not be the book for you.

Walter the Farting Dog


2 thoughts on “Walter the Farting Dog, a review

    • I definitely liked it. But I’m not afraid to admit that I think farts are hilarious (please pronounce that hee-lair-ee-us for the full effect).

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