The Last Slice of Rainbow; Joan Aiken




My mother gave me this book when I was a kid.  I though I loved it and read it many times I foolishly got rid of it when I was a teenager.  However, I have recognized that mistake and have recently repurchased (and revisited) this collection of short stories.

My personal favorite of this collection is the story for which the entire book is named: The Last Slice of Rainbow.  It’s about a boy who gets a rainbow of his very own to keep, if he can.  But, as he was warned, keeping a rainbow is quite challenging.

The rest of the stories are just as fantastical and imaginative.  These are simple children’s tales and when I was a child I found them quite delightful.  However, upon rereading them some of the magic was lost.  As an adult, the stories seemed a bit more contrived.  But, as an adult, I am no longer the Aiken’s chosen audience.

If you have a child who loves to play pretend and can disappear into her imagination for hours a day, this would be an excellent book.  If you, as an adult, are looking for a way to spend the afternoon there are more enjoyable reads to be read.

The Last Slice of Rainbow


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