Quest for a Maid, Frances Mary Hendry




“When I was nine years old, I hid under a table and heard my sister kill a king.”

That opening line was all it took.  I was hooked.

This book is a beautifully written adventure.

The characters are lovable despite their flaws (but let’s be honest, I think  I love the characters because of their flaws).  Regardless, they are complex and even the peripheral characters have strengths and weaknesses as well as motives for their actions.  The main character, Meg, has not only external conflicts but also internal ones.  She is an absolutely believable, albeit unwilling, heroine.

The book follows Meg as she grows up to be on the opposing side of her beloved sister during the battle for the Scottish crown.

Meg’s sister has magic.  The Lady for whom her sister works has money and an army.  And Meg, Meg has her courage, her wits, and her best friends Davie and Peem.

The most difficult part of this book is the dialogue.  And not because it’s exceptionally poor, but because it’s written with a Scottish accent.  To help the reader Hendry has included a glossary at the end of the book.  In all honestly, it only takes a few pages to adjust to the accent and then it simply makes the characters and the story that much more believable.

This is a book that I have read several times over the years.  I absolutely love Meg, I think she is a phenomenal protagonist and one that I root for time and time again.  All in all I would highly recommend this book.

Quest for a Maid


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