Pride & Prejudice; a review




Don’t be alarmed.  I haven’t branched out to review a classic.  But I did just get the Little Miss Austen board book.  And it is as quaint and whimsical as I had hoped.  Did the kiddo love it?  I’m not sure.  But she certainly seemed to enjoy turning the pages and chewing on the binding (note to self: now that she has teeth must not let her chew on books).

This book is a charming little counting book.  And because I love the original story so much I’m sure I will be pulling this book out to work with numbers.

Pride & Prejudice, baby litPride & Prejudice, baby lit


2 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice; a review

    • I don’t know about other classic novels, but when I was looking for this book I found some board books based on some classic artists. I didn’t get those, but if I’m still thinking about them in a few weeks I might get a few.

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