Barnyard Dance: Sandra Boynton



Book (his reading level is slightly lower than the average 29-year-old)

I’ve just spent the past hour playing with my daughter.  So far we have scattered some toys, we have practiced standing up (holding on to Mom the whole time), read a few books, and then spent most of our time pulling books off the bookshelf.  So, I think to myself, why not review another children’s book?  Since I reviewed my favorite baby book it seems only fair to review my fiancé’s favorite.  And really, I enjoy his favorite, so here goes.

Sandra Boynton is a well known children’s author and illustrator.  Her work can be found at most book shops, several toy stores, and many baby stores as well.  And her popularity is well deserved.

Barnyard Dance is a fun read for our family.  Especially if we read the book as a family.  My favorite rendition of this book had Dad and Daughter sitting on the couch reading while Mom (aka me) performed the barnyard dance when not being interrupted by an outburst of my own giggles.

The easy rhymes and singsong pattern make this book engaging for our daughter. The whimsical illustrations entertain the adults.  And soon they will be helpful in teaching our daughter different farm animals and their names.  Personally, I can’t wait til Mom and Dad are sitting on the couch while Daughter performs the barnyard dance!

If you have a baby or are expecting a baby, I highly recommend looking into Boynton’s work.  Board books (as hers are) are great for babies to play with.  Illustrations are colorful and cute.  And the stories are simple and often entertaining (beneficial for both the parents and a growing toddler).

Sandra Boynton Barnyard Dance


4 thoughts on “Barnyard Dance: Sandra Boynton

  1. I just ordered a Sandra Boynton book (“Moo Baa La La La”) for my 10-month-old son yesterday. Coincidentally, he also enjoys pulling books off our shelves and is learning to stand by pulling himself up on Mom. I’ll add “Barnyard Dance” to his reading list!

  2. If you haven’t tried out her music yet I highly recommend it! Very fun for both kids and adults. There are two, “Philadelphia Chickens” and “Blue Moo.” Our son loves both of them.

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