George R.R. Martin’s children’s book: The Ice Dragon



Lacking (in my humble opinion)

As a lover of fantasy books I have read George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. An epic story with battles, murder, love scenes, corruption, etc.  A story, while fabulous, entirely unsuitable for children.  So imagine my surprise (coupled with delight) at finding a children’s book written by Martin.

Let me begin by saying the concept of this story is phenomenal.  An ice dragon, the antithesis of fire-breathing dragons so often written about, takes main stage and becomes the companion of a particular little girl.  In all my fantasy forays I’ve never encountered a cold dragon.  How incredible to take a dragon, which is normally associated with heat and fire, and make it icy cold.  And then to take a creature who is an icy, cold killer and give it a heart and make it love a little girl.

This concept should create a book that is pure magic…but…I was a little disappointed.  Maybe the fault is mine.  I do read a lot of YA literature, but as far as children’s literature, well let’s just say that journey began about 8 months ago and is pretty much confined to books with rhymes.  So maybe I don’t have a good understanding on what children can understand in a book.  Nonetheless, as I say before, I was a little disappointed.  This book left me wanting more.  I wanted more description.  I wanted less telling and more showing.  I wanted characters with more depth.

The idea was fascinating, but the idea on it’s own couldn’t make a magical book.  Maybe I should stick to teen literature.

The Ice Dragon

What do you think?  Is this a really well written children’s book; are my expectations skewed?  And what are some well-written children’s books that I should read to get a better idea of this genre?  Help a reader out!



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